Commenced operations in rubber compounding.


Started MAP (Moulding & Pressing). This division manufactures Precured Tread Liners for local & export markets.


Started TRR (Tyre Retreading & Repair). This division provides commercial tyre retreading and repairs services.


Started CFS (Corporate Fleet Services). This division caters mainly for large fleet operators by supplying new tyres, retreads, inner tubes & flap, tyre changing, balancing and alignment, breakdown & rescue services nationwide and tyre control and information systems.


Started OTR (Off The Road Tyre Retreading & Repairs). This division caters to the retreading and repairs of “big tyres” for port cranes, quarry operators, mining, agriculture and estate operators.


Started the manufacture of New Solid Tyres. (Off The Road Tyre Retreading & Repairs). This division caters to forklifts, airport trolleys and port trailers.


TRR has become one of Malaysia’s largest truck tyre retreading companies while CFS has also become one of the largest fleet service provider in Peninsular Malaysia.

Presently, CFS branches are in Prai covering the Northern region, Johor covering the Southern region, Kuantan covering the Eastern region and Port Klang, Petaling Jaya & Senawang covering the Central region.

Our Overseas Milestones


Establishment of business in Australia. Our operations in Australia includes distribution of rubber products, tyre retreading services and tyre retailing.


Establishment of business in the United States of America to warehouse and distribute our products to the Americas.