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If you need special rubber compounds custom mixed to your specifications...

If your mixer is due for service or reconditioning or has just simply broken down and you need rubber compounds fast...

We can help you.

Custom Mix Rubber Masterbatch and compounds.

Quality Control Laboratory

Compound Mixing

The treads may look the same… but is it really the same?

Did you know that there are over 13 ingredients that go towards making your tread rubber?

Tread quality and performance… It is all in the mix.

Quality Policy

On 4th August 2005, our entire Nam Bee Rubber Tyre & Rubber Group attained ISO 9001:2008 certification through Lloyd's Register, covering "compounding, retreading and servicing of tyres".

We at Nam Bee Rubber & Tyre Group are fully committed to our Quality Policy of " N – A – M – B ", and shall comply to ISO QMS 9001 : 2008 requirements and related requirements through:
Non stop improvement of our products and services,
Always ensuring all customers are happy and satisfied,
Making excellent components and safe retread tyres,
Being a caring company.
Whether you are retreading
  • passenger car
  • light truck
  • truck and bus
  • earthmover
  • OTR or
  • aircraft

Whether you are using the Precure / Cold Process system or the Hot Process system…
In fact whatever system of retreading you are using…
We have the correct rubber for you.
Precured Tread Rubber
Precured Tread Rubber
Camelback Strips
Cushion Gum
Repair Rope
Cement Solution
Z Download Precured Treads Catalogue
If you own a fleet of trucks, buses or any commercial vehicles… If you want to reduce your tyre costs… Or if you simply want to help in the recycling of tyres…

We can retread your old worn out tyres for you.

We retread light truck, truck & bus, earthmover and OTR tyres, utilizing both the Precure / Cold Process Retreading System and the Hot Process Retreading System.

Light Truck Tyres
Precured / Cold Process Retreading
Hot Process Retreading

Truck and Bus Tyres
Precured / Cold Process Retreading
Hot Process Retreading System

OTR and Earthmover Tyres
Hot Process Retreading
If you own a fleet of trucks, buses or any commercial vehicles, and you want to reduce your tyre costs and have total accountability for your tyres... we can help.

We deal in tyres and tyre related products, used by all types of commercial vehicles, from forklifts, light trucks, and trucks & buses, to earthmovers and loaders.
We believe in providing total tyre accountability to our customers. Proper documentation is provided from the time we collect your old tyres, to the time we deliver your tyres back to you.
  • New tyres, stock retread tyres, used / second hand tyres.
  • Inner tubes, flaps, o-rings and valves, tyre retreading services, tyre repair and vulcanization services.
  • New and used rims, tyre changing services, emergency tyre break down and rescue services.